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The Turbo Wing® wing & rotor combination added to a watercraft as a "retrofit" asillustraded below, will permit any type of watercraft to achieve superior performance.




The total aerodynamic lift of a watercraft retrofitted with
Turbo Wing® will reduce the weight of the craft on the water, and therefore reduce the water drag of the hull. the forward thrust of the Turbo Wing® partially overcomes the remaining drag of the hull, so that the power required to move the craft forward is considerably reduced.

Significant performance enhancements:

  • Increased high-speed capabilities

  • Improved craft stability and control at all speeds

  • Reduced pounding and vertical "G-loads"

  • Improved riding comfort

  • Increased range

  • Improved fuel economy

  • Reduced speed loss in high seas

  • Increased acceleration from "in the hole to planning"




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