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One of the immediate outstanding, low cost applications of the technology is to aircraft currently available or in operation. Substitution rotors for flaps, as illustrated in the diagrams below, will result in Turbo Wing® synergy for an aircraft. This low cost Turbo Wing® retrofit concept for wings will drastically reduce wing stall and greatly improve the airport and flight performance of the retrofitted aircraft.

This Cessna 337 Skymaster retrofitted with Turbo Wings is currently undergoing flight- testing in California.


Performance Enhancements

Turbo Wing® Technology provides dramatic improvement in the performance of retrofitted aircraft by significantly increasing airport and flight performance in the areas of low-speed take-off and landings, short distance take-off and landings, high rates of climb and overall reduction in fuel consuption and noise pollution.

Significant performance enhancements:

  • Reduction of up to 50% in minimum flight speed

  • Take-off and landing distances reduced by up to 75%

  • Rate of climb increased by at least 50%

  • Range increased by 50 to 70%

  • Fuel consumption is reduced between 25 and 50%

  • Drastic reductions in stall speed with a reluctance to stall

  • Extreme low speed flight capabilitiy

  • Significant reduction of negative resonse to crosswinds, gusts and turbulence



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